Customer Testimonials

Our clients rave about us.
Amazing Closet
Paula, Oak Park

Stacy and her team worked with us to design an amazing master bedroom closet. It's the same square footage, but increased in usability by three. It is truly not only beautiful, but it brings our Oak Park home into the present century with the convenience and space that everyone looks for in a new home.

Why is it life-changing? It sounds so simple, but everything has a place and we don't have to spend time looking for a belt, shoe or workout clothes. You need to experience it for yourself!

Peace in my Condo
Linda, Oak Park
For the first time in the 13 years that I've lived in my condo I feel at peace when I go into my home office/craft room. It's largely thanks to Within Your Reach and the design we came up with for my corner office unit. Everything has its place and it makes working in here calming and inspiring. The way everything is laid out works for me-they took into consideration what my needs were and came up with the perfect work station for me. I'm so grateful there's a place such as Within Your Reach that exists (and in my home town)that provides such a wonderful service that allows for the elimination of clutter in such a personal and beautiful way.
Easy to work with 12/08
Lauren, from Oak Park
Chuck and crew were fun and easy to work with. I couldn't be happier with how my job was handled. Chuck really knows how to work with and make the customer happy. Your design was really well thought out and utilizes the space so well,thanks for really getting what we needed.
Usable Space
Grace, from Oak Park
We LOVE having all the additional hanging space and the extra shelving, cubbies and drawers. How amazing that you could find so much more space in each closet.
Thanks for the Great Walk In
Sue from Berwyn
My closet is wonderful, Mary's design was exactly what I wanted. Her concern for clients is a compliment to her work. Your staff was couteous and very efficient, Everything was cleaned upon completion. I gave your brochure to several friends, hopefully they'll call. Again, thanks for the great walk in.
Competition Couldn't Do It
Your competition, told me they couldn't do anything with this closet. I'm
loving it.
Now Everything Has a Place
Maddie from River Forest
Before getting my room "ORG'd", it was chaos--a total disaster. Now everything has a place and I still have extra storage space. How amazing is that?
Exceeded Expectations
Kathy Parker, Oak Park
The designer from Within Your Reach listened carefully to my requests and the new design of each closet in my home reflected what I said I needed and exceeded my expectations.
Improved Play
Marjorie from Oak Park
We are thrilled with Stephen’s closet!!! Thanks for the great design—it holds all of his clothes and more! We were able to remove his bureau and armoire from his room and now he has a wide open play space. It has changed his life!
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